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Masterclass in Collagraphs and Drypoint

With Kevin Holdaway : Wednesday 27th June 2018

Collagraphs and drypoints come under the umbrella technique of Intaglio where the student will be printing from beneath the surface in an engraved of scribed line.  An etching press for the high pressure will be used, which is required to push the paper into the surfaces being created.

The student will construct a collagraph plate using mountboard, add some basic textural surfaces and use the cut and peel method of three tones and a linear line. While waiting for the plate to dry with varnish (shellac), a traditional zinc plate drypoint will be made.

Collagraph is regarded as textural, tonal and linear. Drypoint is primarily linear and tonal.

The student will be taught how to prepare both collagraph and drypoint plates. How to make various marks and textures. Transferring an image, inking up and printing an edition.

Rough schedule for the day will be:

10:00 Brief introduction about Kevin, examples of collagraphs and drypoint plates and prints, tea and coffee served.

10:20  Demonstration on preparation of collagraph plate, transferring the image and building the design up with textures and tones. Simplest form is cut and peel with three tones and a linear line.

10:45 Practical session for the student to prepare the blocks as shown above.

11:45 Varnishing and drying of the collagraph plates using shellac.

12:00 Demonstrating a traditional zinc drypoint. Preparation of the plate and scoring the design into the surface.  Also more modern alternatives will be reviewed..

12:30 Practical session of making the drypoint plates.

13:30 Demonstration of printing process for both drypoint and Collagraph plates using the  etching press and dampening the paper prior to printing.

14:00 Printing session and editioning.

16:30  Approximate end of the class

Please bring a sketchbook with some designs from which you will work. Collagraph will be 21cm x 15cm in size and the zinc plate  6 x 4 inches . An apron will be useful too.  Kevin will supply workshop notes including a supplier list. At the end of the day the student will end up with a large selection of prints and a new metal scribe to take away also.

Tea/coffee and biscuits are provided throughout the day, but please remember to bring your lunch as this is not included within the price.