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We have some space dedicated to commission based work but the majority of our galley wall space is available to hire.

The above diagram shows the relative sizes and types of the Wood End Gallery walls together with their prices for a five/six-week exhibition. For seven/eight week exhibitions prices will increase aproximately by 10% (To be confirmed when applicable).

The sizes range from Bramble (suitable for miniatures or craft card displays) up to Beech, which would be suitable for a large display for an arts club or could be split into sub sections dependant on demand.

The ‘grey’ walls in the diagram are fitted with slat walling and the ‘white’ walls by adjustable pendant hangers (see examples). All pictures for hanging must have string/wire and D–type hooks attached (we do not attach fixings to your painting and their effectiveness is your responsibility).

The space titled as ‘A3 in scale’ (297 mm x 420mm, or 11.7 inches x 16.5 inches =aprox 1.3 Sq ft) shown above, is to scale, but remember you need to allow space around your work to show it off to its full potential. Indicating a wall on the form does not mean it is available or that you have reserved it, but will indicate your preference and assist us in allocating space. We will discuss your needs and availability in detail when we contact you.

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