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Exhibiting at Wood End Gallery

The Terms and Conditions can be found Here but below is a summary of how we can work together to show and sell your work

Hiring a space for pictures

If you are a group, a club, or individual you can hire a space in the gallery for the length of an exhibition. There are wall spaces ranging in price from £15 to over £500 for six weeks.(See here) During that time the space is yours to arrange and the prices and items are yours to control, should an exhibition already be in progress when you decide to exhibit, then normally, if space is available, we should be able to hire space to you for the remainder of the time at a pro-rata cost.

We agree to :

However, if after a sale, you wish the picture to remain on exhibition, or indeed if you don’t wish to sell a particular item, let us know and we will mark it appropriately.

Commission basis craft

All craft work displayed will be sold subject to our commission of 28%.

Commission basis art

Should you for any reason not wish to hire wall space and would prefer the more traditional commission basis display for your artwork, we have wall space available for purely commissioned based work.This will be limited to one or two pieces of art work (dependent on size) per artist. there will also be a hanging fee of £1-£2 per picture per week( dependant on size) for the duration of the exhibition. The artwork must remain for the duration of the exhibition or until sold, and if unsold  is not normally eligible for the following exhibition. If your artwork is sold this will be subject to a commission of 23% (There are of course no limitations of that sort if you hire a wall).

Browser availability

We do have limited browser space and subject to its availability the following rules and charges apply.If you have hired a wall or are exhibiting on a commission basis you are also welcome to place art work in our browsers, Commission based artists please note that any sales from browsers will be subject to 21% commission. Should you only wish to use browser space there is a charge of £1 per week (not per item)

Other points to consider

We shall of course be advertising the gallery widely, but we recommend you promote your work as well.  We are happy for you to visit anytime we are open, or by prior arrangement to attend and  promote your work yourself.  Once an exhibition starts it is our intention to display some of the artwork on our website and social media, thus it would be advantageous if you could supply photos of your work and some details of the media with which you work. If you have your own web site we are happy to link to it during the exhibition and would ask you to reciprocate. We have facilities for posting, packing and credit card sales (unfortunately, credit card sales will attract a surcharge to the customer whatever the method of sale). We are not VAT registered.

PLEASE NOTE : You should arrange insurance for your works of art while on exhibition with us as our insurance does not cover your property


 Use the contact us  page to email or post to us.

Telephone 01480 861915 or pop in and talk to us.

We are here to help you to become a successful exhibitor at Wood End Gallery.

Terms & Conditions