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Commission Work

Angela Kingham from a very early age loved to draw and paint and has carried that love so far throughout her life.  Apart from O level Art and the occasional recent workshops Angela has no formal training – being mainly self-taught.  Angela loves to draw detail and although she paints in acrylic and watercolour, graphite pencils as well as pastels are possibly her favourites.  Angela keeps mainly to commissions of people and pet portraits as well as flora and fauna, but she will attempt any subject and in the past has produced detailed pictures of cars/motorbikes/houses/etc..  Whenever possible Angela will be found drawing/painting in her spare time, albeit Angela has recently opened Wood End Gallery, so a lot of her time now is taken up with the running of the gallery.

Angela works mainly from photographs (as long as the photographs are good ones).  The photographs must show good detail and be of good colour.  If the commission is of a person or pet then it is imperative that the eye detail is accurate, (i.e. No ‘red-eye’ spots).  

Should you be interested in a commission of a particular subject then please contact Angela to discussed your needs, either by telephoning the gallery number on 01480 861915, or email angela@tabwood.co.uk, or call into the gallery in person and please bring along your photographs to discuss.

The cost of a commission starts from around £150.00 for an A4 mounted picture.  However, this depends on the medium you choose and the size of the picture to be commissioned.

A   Local Artists Gallery.